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Welcome to SLID
Welcome to The Sri Lanka Institute of Directors

We are Sri Lanka's leading member institute for Directors and the prime forum to serve the corporate needs of the current and future directors both in the private and public sector organizations. 

Welcome to SLID
Women on Board - "Are Men Ready?"
Welcome to SLID
SLID Board Leadership Director Certification Program - 5th Intake
Welcome to SLID
Board Leadership Graduate Certificate Ceremony
Welcome to SLID
Wishing you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come!
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  • A Vibrant Board of Directors

    The Sri Lanka Institute of Directors launched the first of their 6 modular series of their programme on Contemporary Views on...

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  • An Effective Audit and Risk Committee

    The second module of the series of panel discussions organized by the Sri Lanka Institute of Directors on ‘Contemporary...

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  • An Efficient Nomination and Remuneration Committee

    The Sri Lanka Institute of Directors conducted the 3rd module in its series of panel discussions on ‘Contemporary Views...

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  • Critical Issues for the Board of Directors

    “The Sri Lanka Institute of Directors has embarked on an initiative to address a variety of issues intimately concerned...

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  • Contemporary Board Issues

    Mr. Mahendra Amarasuriya, Chairman of Commercial Bank PLC led the panel of highly experienced business leaders who gathered...

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  • Structuring a Dynamic Board of Directors

    The Sri Lanka Institute of Directors (SLID) recently initiated a training programme on Corporate Stewardship & Boardroom...

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  • Making your Audit Committee for Effective

    The Sri Lanka Institute of Directors (SLID) recently conducted the 2nd of the six module series of their training programme on...

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  • Focusing on Key Areas Reserved for the Board of

    A power-packed panel consisting of Naomal Goonewardena; Partner, Nithya Partners, Ajit Gunewardena; Deputy Chairman, John...

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  • Effectively Dealing with Contemporary Board Issues

    The fourth module- “Effectively Dealing with Contemporary Board Issues”- of a, so far very successful and well...

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  • A Functioning Remuneration Committee

    The fifth module- “A Functioning Remuneration Committee”- of a six module series on Corporate Stewardship and...

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  • Governance Issues of Specific Organisations

    A panel discussion on organization-specific governance issues was organised by the Sri Lanka Institute of Directors at the Ivy...

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  • Company Directors' Course

    The training program was organized jointly by SLID & ICASL in the form of a non residential program for practicing...

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